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. law enforcement officials tell abc news 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is awake. he's unable to speak because of a neck injury authorities believe may be self-inflicted. tsarnaev is answering some questions in writing. we're told authorities asked about potential accomplices and any unexploded bombs. >> i am not convinced they were planning more attacks. that's hearsay. i haven't got information about that. but, you know, we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: since police captured him after a dramatic d to friday's mat, the brder investigfocuses on his older brother. 26-year-old tamerlan died in a shootout with police. last year, he traveled overseas to russia and chechnya and began linking to jihadist videos online. some wonder why he fell off the fbi's radar after they questioned him about possible terror ties two years ago. >> somehow, he got off the radar screen and traveled overseas to one of the most dangerous parts of the world. >> reporter: the bombings left three dead and dozens injured. many are still in the hospital. yesterday, boston remembered the victims and pray
that at the scene. >> that's right. firefighters and potentially law enforcement officials unaccounted for at this time according to the officials on the scene. a lot of people have been evacuated, and a lot more could be evacuated because officials on the scene are now saying that a big concern is these winds. right now southerly winds, but if they change direction to northerly winds, that means an entirely different group of people in danger because the ammonia chemicals that are in the fertilizer plant are now being excelled into the air and that's one of the concerns. the other concern in the area is there is another tank of fertilizer at this plant which could go because the fire well under control is still burning. and there is a convoy of emergency vehicles and helicopters that ferried the injured to hospitals throughout the evening. >> abc's steve osunsami has arrived on the scene. he filed this report for us just moments ago. >> reporter: there is some concern about what chemicals might be in the air. there's a dust that you can feel in the air, but authorities aren't sure wha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2